Cape San Blas and the St. Joseph Peninsula

Before our return trip to Kentucky for the holidays, we spent our last 4 days in Florida camping on St. Joseph Peninsula and visiting Cape San Blas and the surrounding area.

As we mentioned in our review of the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park Campground, if you’re looking to shop, enjoy some nightlife, or have a wide selection of restaurants, you won’t find it on the peninsula. However, you will find an incredible opportunity to enjoy nature up close.

Upon entering the campground, we were greeted by deer standing less than 10 feet from our truck and watching us with intense curiosity as Edie snapped away on the camera. We saw birds of every shape and size, lizards, butterflies, a feisty little crab and a terrified armadillo.

At night, we got to see more stars than we have ever seen in our lives – bright and clear and stretching as far as we could see. We got to hike along the peninsula and its wide & well-maintained boardwalk between the 2 different camping areas.

The terrain changed from a sandy beach to an active marsh to a tall pine forest, but stayed consistently quiet, peaceful and far from any bustling commercial areas. We even met a fellow Kentuckian who invited us to join him for a hike up the dunes [therein lies a big difference between hotels & campgrounds – it is way easier to make new friends while camping!].

While we were in the area, we took another day to travel over to Apalachicola National Forest for a hike and a visit to Fort Gadsen [the fort itself was destroyed long ago but there are plenty of historical markers to read to learn about the site]. We also spent one day up in Panama City Beach, catching up on blog posts, visiting a dog park for Knox (butt-sniffing and agility fun, what’s not to love?), and grabbing some fresh hake and shrimp from a local seafood mecca, Buddy Gandy Seafood Inc..

Here are a few of the sights from our stay in the Cape San Blas area (alas none of the incredible night sky!).