A Weekend In Calhoun, TN

In late October, we headed down to the Pinhook Plantation House Bed & Breakfast in Calhoun, TN for a long weekend. Unfortunately, there was a snafu with our reservation, so we only got 1 night in the B&B (still had a great time and great food and we’ll post a full review soon) and had to spend a night in Knoxville instead. In between Calhoun and Knoxville, we meandered through the Cherokee National Forest, stopped for a short hike, and took some incredible pictures.

Back on the road after those stops, we saw a sign that said “Starr Mountain Access”. Well, how do you pass that up? Since we had no itinerary, we took a left and ended up on 30-40 miles of gravel road (that was about 1.5 lanes wide at its widest), averaging about 15 mph. The views were incredible! We were about 2500 feet up looking through brightly colored fall trees out over the Tennessee farming plains.

Unfortunately, the truck got a few scratches in places where the choice was tree branches down the side or driving into a ravine. For obvious reasons, we chose the tree branches. We also kind of figure that those scratches won’t be the last scratches on the truck. And really, isn’t this kind of stuff the reason that you buy a truck?

Here are some of the great pics we got on that short trip.