Bryce Canyon National Park

In the span of just a few days, we hit some of the most fabulous scenery we’ve ever seen at The Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Neither prepared us for what was ahead at Bryce Canyon National Park though.

Sorry, Grand Canyon, you may be bigger and more well-known, but Bryce Canyon gets our vote for Most Awesome Canyon. Walking up to the lip of Bryce Canyon is like peering into another world. We almost thought little green men were going to come out of one of the crevices to greet us.

The canyon is filled top to bottom with bright orange and yellow spires (hoodoos). Vegetation is sparse, but the occasional tree springs right out of rock, it seems. And the bluest of blue skies is overhead. This felt like an other-worldly land for sure.

Due to being just this side of the middle of nowhere, Bryce Canyon receives just under 1/2 as many visitors as Zion National Park and only 1/3 of what the Grand Canyon sees. The 1.2 million per year that do make the trek though are treated to a phenomenal landscape.



The main thing to do at Bryce Canyon is to hike down into the canyon on 1 of 11 trails. We took the Queens Garden and Navajo trails into and out of the canyon, and then we walked Knox along the Rim Trail (the only trail where dogs are allowed). Even early in the day, the trails were pretty packed.

There are some steep sections when entering and exiting the canyon, but overall, it’s not an exceptionally strenuous hike. The trails are smooth and well-maintained.


Bryce Canyon has two campgrounds, but we didn’t stay at them, so we can’t tell you anything about them.

Dog Boarding

Unlike Zion, there’s no pet boarding anywhere near Bryce Canyon. We timed our trip to get there as soon as the gates opened so we could hike before it started to get warm since Knox had to wait in the truck.

Getting Here

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is not close to much of anything. We came up from Zion which was a fantastic drive, particularly on UT-12. UT-12 continues on through Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, a drive that you’d probably appreciate seeing.


Feast your eyes on these 120 pictures from our hike down to the floor of Bryce Canyon!