Boiled Peanuts

One of the great parts about WWOOFing is the opportunity to learn about the culture of the area – be it food, attractions or just local stories. Typically, WWOOF hosts do a great job of not only teaching their WWOOFers about animals and farming, but they also serve as your unofficial tour guides for the area.

On our second day at the Macon WWOOF farm, our hosts exposed us to that Southern snack food staple known as Boiled Peanuts. While we are definitely Southern, being from Kentucky and all, we grew up a little too far North to have been exposed to “country caviar” in our home state.

What exactly are boiled peanuts? Wikipedia does an excellent job of explaining this little snack, but to give you a quick description, boiled peanuts are

[r]aw or “green” peanuts…boil[ed]…from four to seven hours…, depending on quantity and the age of the peanut…[with t]he resulting food [being] a very soft peanut in the shell, invariably quite salty.

Think bite-sized peanut butter balls! Sometimes they are even flavored (spicy Cajun peanut butter balls, anyone?). Perhaps not for everyone (the texture may not work for some), but definitely worth a try if you happen to be in the South, specifically South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and down to central Florida. [Before his little indiscretion, former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford even declared boiled peanuts “the official snack food of South Carolina.”]

One of the coolest parts about boiled peanuts (to us at least) was the way they are usually sold. Individuals often set up little road side stands with big pots of the nuts ready to be scooped out into plastic bags for passers-by. A very local treat indeed.

Now that we’re here on our second WWOOF farm in Southeastern Texas, what little gem of local culture will our hosts introduce us to this time? Any ideas from our readers on what we need to experience while we’re here?