Blueberry Hill (Las Vegas, NV)

Everyone knows one key thing about the United States: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…unless you eat at Blueberry Hill, in which case, it’s necessary to tell people about it.

Now, we’ll go ahead and tell you, the food we ate wasn’t the food we wanted to eat. The first time we visited Las Vegas, we happened across Blueberry Hill by chance. Upon perusal of the menu, we discovered the Omelecake, an epic combination of a 4-egg omelet with your choice of fillings, wrapped in a ginormous pancake. Unfortunately, that is no longer an option on the menu. *Sigh*

Before we get to the food though, let’s point out that this is Las Vegas and there’s no escaping the inescapable. In fact, we were only there for a night, didn’t go to The Strip, and basically avoided the mayhem of this city.

Nonetheless, the slot machines are the first thing you see when you walk in the door. We didn’t play them, of course. We understand the concept of probability. But it’s still funny to see slot machines available for you to win (or lose) your breakfast money before eating breakfast.

Farmer’s Smoked Sausage Omelette

Since we couldn’t get the Omelecake, we decided to go for something a tad healthier than a big stack of pancakes. In the end, it was probably for the best that we went with a 4-egg omelet filled with smoked sausage, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese, over something similar wrapped in a ridiculously-sized pancake.

The omelet was big enough for a satisfying breakfast for two people without being stuffed. For a single person, it would definitely be a filling breakfast. Other than not having much of any cheese in the omelet, it was a good omelet. There are plenty of fillings and it’s well-cooked. It’s not amazing, but it is very good, along with being cheaper and just as delicious as anything you’ll find on The Strip.



Instead of toast, we decided to trade for a biscuit since we were splitting a breakfast. Not just any biscuit though. This is one enormous biscuit! The biscuits are the size of a softball! They’re soft and flaky and delicious with a healthy smattering of butter.

Breakfast Potatoes

Half of your plate comes covered with a big 4-egg omelet. The other half comes with either hash browns or breakfast potatoes. Obviously, we went with the breakfast potatoes, chunks of potatoes skillet-fried to a crisp outside and a soft, warm inside. As far as fried potatoes go, they’re as good as any other. They aren’t going to give you any epiphanies or insight into the secret of life, but they are going to round out your breakfast deliciously.


The service is prompt and efficient. They had no problem with us splitting a plate without an up-charge and brought us a second plate to make things easy.

Overall Value

Unfortunately, we misplaced the receipt, so we don’t know exactly how much this cost us, but from the menu, we know that the omelet and potatoes were $10.79 and the biscuit (if they upcharged us instead of just swapping out the toast…we aren’t sure) was $1.59. That’s $12.38, plus tax, so call it $14, plus probably a $3 tip. Considering that these omelets are big enough to easily split and provide an ample meal for two people, that’s a great value!

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

What’s this “good value” nonsense the human creatures are talking? I didn’t get enough to eat! I was left with a gaping hole in my stomach. Then again, I’m always ready to eat, but this talk of plenty of food, big omelet, lots of potatoes…bah, I say!

If this was such a wonderfully-sized, just filling enough breakfast, why did I only get a handful? It was like one bite of everything. Sure, sure, it tasted good, I’ll grant Blueberry Hill that. But such paltry portions? It’s bordering on criminal, which is saying something considering Las Vegas was started by the Mafia! (What? You think I don’t know my history?)

Anyway, I respectfully request that next time my parents go for two plates, splitting one for themselves and bringing the other to me. The omelet, potatoes, and biscuit were definitely good enough that I could eat them all by myself. And I am looking rather frail these days, don’t you think?

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Farmer’s Smoked Sausage Omelette
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