Blue Bell Creameries and Brenham, Texas

One of the great things about the contact feature on this blog is that if you write to us and tell us about a cool place to see along our route, we’ll make every effort to check it out…and give you a small shout-out, too. Especially if it involves ICE CREAM!

One of the partners at Edie’s former firm found out that we were heading through Texas and sent us a short list of places to see & things to do, including Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham, TX (thanks, Turney!). He suggested that we either take a tour of the factory or just go to an old fashioned ice cream parlor downtown.

Since it was a Sunday when we happened through Brenham, the factory (and thus, the tours) were closed. Luckily, the grounds of the large factory and tour center were open. We stopped to walk around for a few pictures and to read the signs telling about the history of Blue Bell. [For a more detailed history of the creamery that started out making butter in 1907, check out Blue Bell’s own history page or the even more informative Wikipedia page.]

But then came the good part. We headed into downtown Brenham to find an old fashioned ice cream parlor so we could do a little taste test of the nation’s 3rd best-selling ice cream…despite being sold in only 20 states! [Don’t worry, friends and family – Blue Bell is sold in Kentucky!]

When we got into downtown, we found Must Be Heaven, an old fashioned ice cream parlor serving up soups, sandwiches and, most important, Blue Bell Ice Cream. Given the abundance of rich food we’ve been eating lately, we opted to be good and just split a single scoop.

There were at least 16, maybe 20, different flavors of ice cream. After careful consideration, we opted for Banana Nut Bread. It was a creamy concoction of banana ice cream with pieces of banana bread, roasted walnuts and a cream cheese frosting swirl. Must Be Heaven indeed!! It was incredible, but we still managed to save Knox a bite or two!

Here are a few more pics from our trip to Brenham, Texas.