Birthdays On The Road

When you’re doing long-term traveling, the odds are good that you’ll be away from friends, family and your hometown for a holiday or two – including birthdays, whether your own or that of someone close to you. For two-thirds of us here at 160K, we’ve celebrated our birthdays in new cities.

And much like the way we treat other holidays (like the recent Valentine’s Day, for example), we no longer buy gifts for each other on our birthdays. Not much room for more stuff in the truck! Instead, we do things, go places and have new experiences together.

Here’s how we spent our most recent birthdays.

Scott’s Birthday

Scott’s 32nd birthday was on December 8th – only 4.5 weeks into our adventure. By that point, we had made our way through Kentucky & Tennessee, WWOOFed for a few weeks in Georgia, explored the islands of South Carolina, and started meandering our way through Florida.

By the time December 8th rolled around, we were in Miami. Palm trees, the ocean, blue skies, and 80 degree temperatures for a Kentucky boy’s December birthday? What a tough life.

So we spent Scott’s birthday walking from North Beach to South Beach and back again (at least 12 miles!), visiting a dog park for Knox, enjoying our first Cuban sandwich, and hanging out with a friend for a great dinner of burgers and bourbon. We also got to wake up with a view of a beautiful sunrise over the ocean outside our balcony window. Not a bad way to spend a birthday.

Edie’s Birthday

The temperatures weren’t quite as warm for Edie’s February birthday, but there was still plenty of sun! We had just finished our WorkAway stay in the mountains outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, when Edie’s birthday rolled around, so we spent the day (and a few others!) in Santa Fe.

There may not have been an ocean sunrise, but there were plenty of picturesque, snow-capped mountains. We bundled up and spent the day visiting the historic Santa Fe Plaza, the Santa Fe Opera, and a dog park for Knox (lucky little pup, he gets a social treat on our birthdays!). And what birthday would be complete without dessert? So we had sweets…twice!

Knox’s Birthday

Knox’s 4th birthday was on November 1st; we left on our grand adventure on November 7th. So, lucky for him, he still got to celebrate his birthday in his hometown, with his Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Julie. [Read: plenty of treats!]

There wasn’t a huge celebration for him though – we were saving money! We did tell him that his birthday present was a long (really LONG!) road trip. We’re not sure he understood…though he has certainly gotten his fill of dog parks, new canine friends and adventure.

Not a bad birthday present for a dog!