Big Bad Breakfast (Oxford, MS)

At the recommendation of a friend of Edie’s, we decided to visit Oxford, MS on our drive from Memphis, TN to Natchez, MS. Given our time of arrival, we decided that we should look up some breakfast while we were there. So we hit The Google Machine for “best breakfast in Oxford, MS” and consistently came up with a place called Big Bad Breakfast.

Any restaurant with the motto “Lard have mercy” is a winner in our books. Give us a place that makes their own sausage and bacon on-site, and even sells them right by the register, and we’re in.

BBB is a fairly small place with maybe 10-15 tables and a counter with stools. The walls are decked with signs with clever sayings (“Coffee: Do stupid things faster with more energy”) and Elvis wall hangings. Even mid-morning on a Tuesday, the place was doing good business.

Huevos Cocineros

Scott went with a dish called “Huevos Cocineros,” which if Spanish serves correctly, translates as “cooked eggs”. Pretty descriptive… Okay, so this was two eggs on top of a corn cake with black beans and salsa, plus two of BBB’s house-made sausage patties.

You’d have thought you were in Oaxaca, Mexico, not Oxford, MS. This was top-notch Mexican-style fare. The sausage patties were amazing, the corn cake was perfectly cooked, and the salsa was just spicy enough to complement, but not overpower.

The Secret History

The entire menu is full of creatively named dishes that don’t really tell you much about what you’re ordering. Luckily, there are descriptions. Edie’s order of “The Secret History” was a 2-egg omelet with fresh herbs, Swiss cheese, shallots, and big chunks of tomato.

Unlike some other omelets we’ve had, there was no skimping on the fillings here. This was a big and fluffy omelet, overflowing with cheese and fillings. The blend of herbs in the eggs blended perfectly with the freshness of the shallots and tomatoes making for an excellent breakfast. The only minor complaint is that it was a little too tomatoey. Dicing the tomatoes smaller might be enough to fix that or perhaps just a few more shallots.


Cheese Grits

Edie’s omelet came with cheese grits. Now, we’re big fans of cheese grits. We’ve been known to make them ourselves. But these blow away anything we’ve had before. They were full of rich, cheesy flavor and really thick.


The house-made biscuit was crisp on the outside, while being soft and dense on the inside. This was incredible with just a little bit of the homemade strawberry preserves.


Even the coffee was good enough to be worth mentioning. I don’t know if it was Folger’s, something local, or Kopi Luwak. All I know is that whoever made the coffee knows how to make a cuppajoe.


The service was just what you’d expect. Our waitress was friendly, prompt, and kept the coffee topped off.

Overall Value

If you’re unaware, we’re big fans of places that can tell us where our food comes from. A place that makes most of their own food in-house and sources locally is hard to beat. Bacon, sausage, biscuits, and even the preserves are all made at the store. Basically, this is a farm-to-table restaurant without farm-to-table prices. It’s a tad more expensive than a greasy spoon, but far from the prices you typically see on menus that can say “your cheese came from this farm and we know how the meat was raised”. You’re paying an extra buck or two for the quality of the ingredients and creativity of the dishes.

So that said, the two of us still ate a very filling breakfast (with coffee) for $30 with a generous tip.

An Additional Note

BBB also sells their bacon and sausage. Since the sausage made our taste buds so happy and our cooler was devoid of any meaty goodness, we decided to snag a package of bacon and a package of sausage to take with us. They have a Tabasco and sugar-cured bacon, another type of bacon that we can’t recall, breakfast sausage, and Andouille sausage, all for reasonable prices.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

A big, bad dog needs a big, bad breakfast to ensure he has the energy to truly be big and bad. And Mom made sure I was well taken care of. A little of this and a little of that to give me a taste of the full breakfast experience (well, minus the coffee unfortunately) makes me a happy puppy.

If Momma and Scott keep this up, I’m going to have to stop saying such bad things about them and accusing them of puppy abuse.

Overall Ratings

Huevos Cocineros
The Secret History
Overall Value
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