Better Than Sex (Key West, FL)

After an incredible dinner at El Meson De Pepe and a fun time watching the street performers and sunset at Mallory Square, we were ready for a little dessert before heading back to our B&B. Earlier in the day when we were wandering the streets of Key West with Knox, we’d happened upon Better Than Sex, a little spot on Petronia Street between Duval and Whitehead.

Better Than Sex is a dessert restaurant only, known for rimming its drink glasses in thick chocolate. Don’t come here looking for anything more than drinks and sweets – with a side of innuendo!

The space is fairly small (call ahead if you have a party of 6 or more) and dark, using candles and red-tinted lights to cast a romantic glow. Hostesses seat you using a flashlight and leave small LEDs for you to use to check out the tantalizing menu. Old-school jazz or Frank Sinatra play on the sound system, and the servers invite you to “moan if you need anything” during your visit. The menu is filled with the same sexual overtones. And while the staff will clean up the talk if you come in with children, consider a babysitter so you can get the full, fun experience.

Money Shots

We kicked off our experience with 2 Money Shots – homemade coffee liqueur topped with whipped cream. Sweet coffee liqueur and creamy whipped cream – what’s not to like? In fact we liked them so much we decided to order 2 more, but this time “lubricated” – topped with white chocolate mousse instead of plain whipped cream. The “lube” was thick and sweet, just taking the yummy richness up a notch!

Eggnog Erotica

Although the drinks were certainly a sweet treat all on their own, we had come for some real dessert! There were multiple items on the regular menu that sounded incredible, but we opted to go with one of the evenings specials – the Eggnog Erotica. This dish was actually three desserts in one – an eggnog-white chocolate bread pudding, sugar cookie dough ice cream with a small sugar cookie garnish and an eggnog-spiked rum shot.

Our favorite item was the sugar cookie dough ice cream. How can you go wrong with cookie dough and ice cream? It was incredible! The eggnog bread pudding was also yummy, but the flavor (of nutmeg perhaps?) was a little overwhelming. As for the eggnog-spiked rum shot, well…it was mostly a shot of rum (darn it – we’re lightweights!). Considering the attention to detail in the presentation, and seeing the creativity of the Eggnog Erotica and in the rest of the menu, I am sure that we would have been much happier with another choice…without as much eggnog.


This was definitely a splurge for us – drinks & dessert for a total (including tip) of $45. We had 4 shots, and drinks in a restaurant are almost never a good value. As for the dessert itself, it was just under $12 but, as we said, it was more like 3 desserts in one. Plus, the portion sizes here are definitely large.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

Again – nothing!!! And they know I love sugar! Someone please inform my Mommy and Scott not to forget the dog!!!

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