Battery Point Beach Hike (Haines, AK)

As we mentioned in the post about our hike near Fairbanks called the Angel Rocks Hike, you really do have to get out and hike in Alaska. The scenery and terrain are too beautiful to be seen only from the car window.

We only spent one night in Haines, but our CouchSurfing hosts recommended a short hike before we got on the ferry to Juneau. On the south side of town, there’s a short and easy trail that leads out to Battery Point, first through forest, then on the beach.

Hike Info

Nearest City/Town: Haines, AK
Difficulty: Easy (Uneven trail surface)
Length: 2.4 miles
Elevation: ~50 ft
Time: 1-2 hours

Battery Point Beach Hike

The Battery Point Hike isn’t strenuous. The trail itself is basically flat. There are a few small, maybe 10 foot, inclines and declines to go up and down as you descend to the beach, but overall, maybe 50 feet of elevation change.

The trail to the beach is just under a mile (perhaps 0.7 to 0.9 miles) through a dense, moist, beautiful forest, then the “trail” continues as a walk along the beach to Battery Point. So with the trail being short and relatively flat, it’s easy enough to be enjoyed by pretty much anyone with decent agility. The main thing is that the terrain is uneven.

It’s a very rocky trail with dense tree roots that you have to step over. Beyond that though, it’s a cakewalk. To illustrate the ease of this trail, Scott did it in sandals with no problems, though we don’t really recommend that.

All in all, this is a nice little afternoon hike out to the beach where you could enjoy a picnic lunch or a swim (if you have ice in your veins).

Other Options In The Area

Naturally, this isn’t the only hike in the area. From the same trailhead, you can hike to the top of Mt. Riley and Half Dome, though these aren’t 2 hour hikes to take before getting on a ferry. Here is a guide to additional hiking in Haines, provided by the Haines tourism site.

Getting Here

Haines isn’t a big place, so getting to the trailhead isn’t very difficult. Take Main Street until it ends, turn right on Front Street, which will take a slight left and become Beach Road. From there, stay on Beach Road until it dead-ends into a small parking lot. The trailhead is just past the parking lot.

Picture Time

Enjoy the views of the Chilkoot Inlet and surrounding mountains!