Baseball, Old Friends & A Pagoda

Initially, we had planned to head immediately west into Minnesota after our visit to Wisconsin, but as happens often, we changed our plans.

Since we were so close to Iowa and didn’t know when we’d have another chance to visit, we decided to head down to Des Moines for a few nights. See another state capitol…see a friend of Edie’s…why not?

If You Build It, They Will Come

When Scott’s cousin John heard about our change in plans, he pointed out that Dyersville, IA, was on our way. What’s in this small town of just over 4,000? The baseball field filming site from Field of Dreams!

Since it was on our way (and free!!), we decided to swing by the site and see what it had to offer. The farmhouse and field are still nestled among the farmland, with a small building set up to sell t-shirts, postcards and other souvenirs. Although organized games aren’t allowed, you are more than welcome to bring a bat, glove and ball so you can hit or field a few balls and even run the bases.

The voices in Kevin Costner’s head were right – he built it and we came! Unfortunately though, Kevin, James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta were nowhere to be found on the day we visited. Shocking, huh?

Des Moines

After our little detour to the Field of Dreams, we headed straight into Des Moines. We met up with Edie’s friend Corinne and her fiance Andy for a fantastic evening filled with storytelling, laughs and yummy BBQ from Jethro’s. Seeing friends and family along the way is by far one of the best parts of our trip! (Clearly the photo of Edie & Corinne isn’t current – Edie’s hair is probably 3x longer now!)

The day we left Des Moines, we headed into the downtown area to see the capitol building and snap a picture for our quickly growing collection. The five-domed capitol is incredibly impressive, and there is even a tiny Statue of Liberty replica on the grounds. Not too far away, along the banks of the Des Moines River, we also spotted a rare site for Iowa (in our minds at least!) – a pagoda!

Pictures, Of Course!

We may not have stayed very long or gotten many pictures, but we definitely got a few from our short visit to the Tall Corn State!