Amanda’s Cakery (Macon, GA)

No trip to Macon would be complete without a stop by Amanda’s Cakery. After our amazing barbeque at Old Clinton BBQ, we had to go right back through Macon to get back to the farm, so we decided some dessert was in order.

Amanda’s specializes in cupcakes. They have 8-10 flavors each day, made from scratch, fresh each day. All of their cupcakes, except 1 or 2 “Premium” cupcakes each day, are $2. The Premiums run $3. And to be sure, these aren’t miniature cupcakes. They are really good sized…not huge, but enough to satisfy your sweet tooth with just one…so we bought four to eat over a couple days.

The Four Cupcakes

Since we were only going to get one trip there, we decided to snag four cupcakes. Clockwise from upper-left, we picked up a Tiramisu, Lemon-Raspberry (lemon cake with raspberry buttercream icing, Apple Pie (vanilla pound cake with apple pie buttercream icing and cinnamon), and Almond. All of these qualified as regular cupcakes, so we’re not real sure what marks the line between regular and Premium, but we walked out with 4 big cupcakes and only $8 and change lighter.

We won’t describe each cupcake. The easiest thing to say is that these are amazingly flavorful and actually taste exactly like their names. So just think about what you think they’d taste like and you’re probably pretty close.

The best thing about them was that they were really moist. The cake didn’t have to rely on the icing for moisture. And no water was required to help get them down. We ate two of them immediately without even having water with us.

The trend at most cupcake places is to give you about a 50/50 ratio of cake-to-icing. So if the cupcake is 3″ tall, the icing is also 3″ tall. Aside from getting all over your nose (and facial hair if you happen to have it), it’s a really unbalanced ratio. Amanda’s, on the other hand, has a normal amount of delicious, creamy icing. It’s about what you’d find on a good homemade cupcake, so you get balance. The top of the cupcake was also slightly crisped. That’s not really the right word for it, because it wasn’t “crispy” (we’re not sure how else to describe it though), but it was some added texture to go with the creamy icing under that “crust”.


Seriously, a $2 dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth and is better than most desserts you’ll get anywhere else. It really doesn’t get any better.

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