Along the Way

One of the nicest parts about our travels so far (well, other than the awesome food, the new places to explore and the escape from an office environment…) is getting to see friends and family along our route. When we know we’re heading to an area with people we know, we try to get in touch in advance and plan a get-together (coffee at the least!). On the first 6.5 week leg of our trip, we got to meet up with 7 different people.

Our first stop in the Atlanta area gave Scott the opportunity to see his friend and former Fitness Spotlight co-blogger, Mike O’Donnell. Despite blogging together for over 2 years, this was only their second face-to-face meeting. They went out for a day of trail riding where Mike took on a death-defying stunt, riding an obstacle that was a full 6 inches off the ground (6 INCHES!).

During our quick overnight in Charleston, SC, we managed to squeeze in time with multiple people. First, we had dinner with Scott’s cousin Nathan and his wife Sara. Scott hadn’t seen Nathan in 10 years and hadn’t really hung out with him in almost 16 years! We got to catch up with the newlyweds, and they were even kind enough to sit outside on a covered porch in chilly, blowing rain so that Knox could join the fun.

Before heading out the next morning, we got to meet up with Edie’s friend, fellow lawyer and CREW business contact Cynthia for a little caffeine boost at a local coffee shop. Unfortunately we didn’t get more time in the city and another chance to visit.

Florida gave us 2 more folks – a former co-worker and a grad school classmate. In Miami, we got to meet up for burgers with Mike, Edie’s friend and co-worker during her law firm days. Mike was nice enough to pick us up and drive us to the restaurant since we’d already had a 12 mile walk around Miami that day! He also gave us the tip on the great little Cuban spot where we had our first Cuban sandwich.

In Tampa, we got to have dinner with Scott’s Notre Dame classmate Mike [anyone notice that we have a lot of friends named Mike??], and learned about book clubs for people who don’t actually have time to read [long story…].

Our final stop on the route home to Kentucky for the holidays was in Rome, GA. A friend of Edie’s mom had been in Louisville back in July for a conference and Edie had taken both Ann and her conference roommate Sandra on a tour of the city. So when we descended upon Rome, Ann gave us a tour of the city along with a home-cooked meal, and Sandra came in for the evening to visit, too.

We don’t know as many people on the next leg of our trip, but wherever we go, we’ll look up whoever we can find. Here’s an initial gallery of pictures with the friends and family we saw during the first 6.5 weeks of our travels, but we’ll keep updating this one as we go along!