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Zion National Park

Zion National Park in Utah rivals anything we’ve seen, including Denali, Crater Lake, and The Grand Canyon. Zion is full of steep walls, brightly colored rocks, and more than enough hiking for anyone.

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Hiking The Grand Canyon

Although we saw the Grand Canyon back in March, we had to stop by again so that we could take a 6-mile day hike on the Bright Angel Trail. The landscape is outstanding and the hike is well worth it.

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Dogs Along The Way

Knox has made new friends everywhere we’ve gone. Here are a collection of pictures of the numerous four-legged friends we’ve made along our travels.

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Los Angeles, CA

We only visited for a couple days, but we checked out a couple of fun sights, including Hollywood and the Richard Nixon Presidential Library.

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The Pacific Coast Highway

The drive to Key West. The Al-Can Highway. And The Pacific Coast Highway. Three epic drives that you absolutely have to take once in your lifetime.

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Hearst Castle (San Simeon, CA)

70,000 square feet of mansion on top of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Yeah, it’s worth the tour to see how the richest of the rich live.

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Redwood National & State Parks (NorCal)

If there’s one thing that Northern California is known for, it’s giant redwood trees. With a National Park and numerous State Parks to showcase these beautiful behemoths, you can’t miss the opportunity to get right up next to them.

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Crater Lake National Park

Our minds were blown by the perfectly blue color of Crater Lake, along with the unbelievable views and vistas available in the Park. We’ll definitely be going back here!

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Portland, OR

Food festivals, beer, maple bacon donuts, and an adult arcade made Portland one of our favorite cities.

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Astoria, OR

This small town welcomed us to Oregon for the first time. It might be small, but the Astoria Column, Goonies house, and Oregon Film Museum make it worth stopping on your Pacific Coast Highway drive.

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Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is certainly one of the most scenic and diverse National Parks, with oceans, mountains, glaciers, and a rain forest all for your exploring.

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Seattle By Land & By Air

Edie’s friend owns a small plane and took us up for an aerial tour of Seattle. Then we topped the weekend off with an outdoor showing of Top Gun and some time at SeaFair.

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Deception Pass State Park (Oak Harbor, WA)

Giant trees, beautiful views of the ocean, and some nice hiking…this was our “Welcome Back to the Lower 48” and was a great way to start our time in Washington.

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Juneau, AK

Juneau is the most inaccessible capital in the United States. You can only get there by boat or plane. Once you’re there, there’s plenty to see, though!

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Alaska Marine Highway

The ferry system in Alaska is not only a great way to get around, but also one of the most scenic “drives” you’ll ever take. During your trip, you’re likely to see whales and other sea life, old lighthouses, cabins off in the bush, and eagles galore.

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Battery Point Hike (Haines, AK)

This is a short and easy hike to the beach and Battery Point in Haines. Along the way are some incredible views of Chilkoot Inlet and the forest around you.

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The Kenai Peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula just might be the most scenic area of Alaska, complete with forests, bays, mountains, volcanoes, and more eagles than you’ve seen in your life. Don’t forget to take a Wildlife Cruise.

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Denali National Park

6 million acres of glaciers, tundra, and mountains, including the tallest peak on the North American continent, Mt. McKinley. This is one of the premiere parks in the US for a reason.

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Angel Rocks Hike (Fairbanks, AK)

Angel Rocks is a short, moderately-difficult hike in the Chena River area outside of Fairbanks. This is a great day-hike for those with only a few hours.

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The Al-Can Highway

The Al-Can Highway runs 1400 miles from Dawson Creek, BC to Delta Junction, AK. Along the way, it winds through the Canadian Rockies, past lakes, through forests, and gives you the chance to see tons of wildlife. Everyone should take this trip at least once in their lives.

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The Icefields Parkway

Running all the way through Banff National Park to Jasper National Park, The Icefields Parkway is truly one of the most scenic drives in the world. Wait until you see the water of Peyto Lake.

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Banff National Park & Lake Louise

Banff National Park is home to some of the best landscapes in the Rocky Mountains. You have to see the intensely blue color of Lake Louise to believe pictures of it aren’t doctored.

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Hiking Tunnel Mountain

A short, easy hike in Banff, Alberta. The hike may be short, but the views are incredible, overlooking Bow Valley and the town of Banff.

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Big Sky Country

The sky really does seem bigger in Montana. The landscapes are so vast that it seems to go on forever. From the eastern high desert to the mountains in the west, Montana blew our minds.

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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park definitely ranks in the top 10 of places we’ve seen. It’s pristine and maintained close to its natural state. We’ll definitely be back here.

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North Dakota

We only spent one night in North Dakota, just long enough to see the capitol in Bismarck before heading west to Montana. The little we saw told us that we need to make a much longer trip to North Dakota a reality in the future.

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South Dakota: The Mount Rushmore State

From Wall Drug to The Badlands and The Corn Palace to The Black Hills, South Dakota was incredible. Who knew the state packed so much beauty into just the southwestern corner, not to mention the rest of the state?

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Hiking Harney Peak

Harney Peak is the highest peak in the US east of the Rocky Mountains. The hike to the top is doable by most, running about 6.5-7 miles and taking 3-5 hours. The views of The Black Hills are ridiculous.

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Jewel Cave National Monument

The final cave in our National Parks cave tours, Jewel Cave. We took the Historic Lantern Tour, an interesting way to see the inside of a cave the way early explorers saw it.

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Wind Cave National Park

In our quest to visit all 4 National Park caves (or at least the National Parks that are specifically devoted to caves), we had to take the opportunity to tour Wind Cave while in the Black Hills.

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Mount Rushmore National Monument

A quintessential American icon, Mount Rushmore. The craftsmanship and engineering required to carve faces into a mountain is phenomenal.

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Badlands National Park

A beautiful, wildlife-filled drive through South Dakota’s Badlands National Park. This is a landscape that has to be seen to be believed.

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Good times with friends in The Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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Wisconsin: America's Dairyland, Troll Capital, and Home of One Great Big Urinal

In one of our final “visit family and friends” stops, we headed for Wisconsin to see old cousins and old friends, while seeing some of the quirky roadside attractions of southern Wisconsin. And of course, we ate plenty of cheese.

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A long weekend in The Windy City. While we didn’t do much touristy stuff, we had a great time with 3 different sets of friends before continuing on.

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No drive through northern Indiana is complete without a stop by Scott’s alma mater, The University of Notre Dame. And since we were in the area, going to the huge Amish flea market in Shipshewana sounded like a good idea too.

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After stops to see the Gerald Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor and the Capital building in Lansing, we spent nearly a week camping by the shores of Lake Michigan.

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Our first stop on our way to Alaska was…Philadelphia? Yep, we first headed northeast to see some friends before starting the long journey westward.

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National Cornbread Festival

An annual 2-day street fair featuring cornbread, live music, art, cook-offs, Lodge factory tours, and more cornbread. It’s every bit as incredibly delicious as you’re already imagining.

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Mammoth Cave National Park

Located only 2 hours from where we grew up, we somehow managed to never make it to Mammoth Cave for a tour. We fixed that with a very short tour that left us wanting to see more.

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Gateway Arch & Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

The Gateway To The West. We only had a day in St. Louis, but if you only have one day, The Arch is the place to spend it.

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Giving some love to a state we didn’t expect much from, Arkansas. Such a beautiful, unknown secret. We’d keep it to ourselves, but that’s not our style.

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Pinnacle Mountain State Park, AR

A short, but strenuous hike up boulders to one of Little Rock’s most incredible views. The 360-degree views from Pinnacle Mountain let you see all of the hills, forests, and rivers around Little Rock.

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Cedar Falls & Blue Hole Hike (AR)

An easy-moderate, incredibly beautiful, lush, and green day-hike in Arkansas’ Petit Jean State Park.

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Off-Grid Help Exchange in SW Colorado

Two weeks on a 500-acre ranch in southwestern Colorado. Beautiful mountain vistas, hikes right on the property, and a few new experiences, including our first rodeo and a livestock auction.

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Mesa Verde National Park

One of the most beautiful parks we’ve visited, Mesa Verde National Park is the only park created to preserve man-made structures. Deep canyons, great hikes, and cliff dwellings from the Anasazi that called this area home are available to visitors.

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Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument is at the convergence of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. While the monument itself isn’t too exciting, there is a nice, short hike and it’s a little neat to stand in four states at once.

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The Grand Canyon

While we didn’t have time to stay long, we managed a short detour by the Grand Canyon on a drive through northern AZ. In that short visit, we were lucky enough to see the Grand Canyon with snow on it and get some incredibly colorful pictures. We’re really looking forward to getting back!

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Help Exchange In Gila National Forest

We spent two weeks on a small homestead in Gila National Forest. During that time, we learned more about raising chickens and rabbits, learned to milk goats, built raised beds and compost bins, and learned a bit about off-grid living.

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Gila Cliff Dwellings

A 700-year old cliff settlement in the Gila National Forest, complete with a short and easy 1-mile hike.

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Mogollon, NM

Like ghost towns? So do we! Here’s our visit to Mogollon, NM, a mining ghost town founded in the 1880s in Gila National Forest. It’s like a trip back in time.

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Hiking The Catwalk (Gila National Forest)

The Catwalk is a well-maintained short and easy, yet incredibly pretty, hike in the Gila National Forest. Spend a few hours on this 2.2 mile hike if you get the chance.

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Driving Through Gila National Forest

One of several scenic drives through one of our favorite places so far, Gila National Forest. The entire forest is mind-blowingly beautiful.

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Carlsbad Caverns

A great weekday hike in late February. We didn’t see any rattlesnakes, but there were plenty of great views and spiky, thorny plants.

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Rattlesnake Canyon (Carlsbad Caverns, NM)

A great weekday hike in late February. We didn’t see any rattlesnakes, but there were plenty of great views and spiky, thorny plants.

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Taos, NM

Our long weekend in Taos, complete with low-cost, high-fun ideas. This is a very cool and scenic town in northern NM.

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The Enchanted Circle

If you have a few days in Taos, spend a day driving The Enchanted Circle. It goes through some of northern NM’s most scenic mountain country and small towns.

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The High Road To Taos

There are two ways to get from Santa Fe to Taos. The High Road To Taos is the slightly longer and more scenic way to go.

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Traveling The Turquoise Trail

Why take the Interstate from Albuquerque to Santa Fe when you can take the Turquoise Trail and see the town where Young Guns was filmed?

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Jemez & Sandia Mountains

For Valentine’s Day 2012, we took a day-long drive through the Jemez and Sandia Mountains, seeing some of New Mexico’s amazing scenery through Jemez Springs, Battleship Rock, and Los Alamos.

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Roswell, NM

You can’t drive through New Mexico without a visit to Roswell. This town has truly embraced the crazy around the UFO phenomenon.

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Austin, TX

Food trucks, Sixth Street, the LBJ Library, Texas’ capital, and some of the best barbeque your taste buds have had the good pleasure of eating. What’s not to love about Austin?

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San Antonio, TX

Two days of fun in San Antonio. And we did it without spending a dime outside of food (and a few drinks…oops!) and lodging.

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Blue Bell Creameries & Brenham, TX

Just a short trip through Brenham, TX on our way to San Antonio to see where Blue Bell Ice Cream is made (and perhaps eat a little bit of it).

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Partying With The Krewe

Like we said, on our 2nd WWOOF farm, we didn’t just learn about farming. We got cultured, which meant drinking too much and eating BBQ at a fantastic pre-Mardi Gras party.

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WWOOFing - Texas Style

Our second great experience on a WWOOF farm was near Houston, TX. From riding horses and building a rabbit hutch to attending an opera and going to a Mardi Gras party, this was truly a great experience.

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Our First Road Trip

Way back in May 2010, we took our first road trip together, a 7-day jaunt across the southern United States from Louisville, KY to San Diego, CA. Here’s the story and the pictures.

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Yaga's Chili Quest & Beer Fest

If you love chili and you love beer, two great things by themselves, you owe it to yourself to find your way to this Chili and Beer Festival in Galveston, TX.

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Grand Isle, LA

Drive south to New Orleans. Then keep going. Go as far south as you can until you nearly drive into the Gulf of Mexico. Now you’re at Grand Isle, a beautiful, secluded island in the Mississippi River Delta.

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Meandering Through Mississippi

Our drive southward took us all the way through Mississippi from north to south, a truly beautiful drive skirting the Mississippi River.

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Memphis, TN

One our way south, we spent a couple days in the city of Blues, BBQs, and Elvis. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go to Graceland (it was closed), but we did see Beale St, catch some live music, and eat some BBQ.

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Friends Along The Way

One of the best parts of traveling has been catching up with long-lost family and friends. Of course, we make them all pose so they can be famous.

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Cape San Blas, FL & The St. Joseph Peninsula

Have you ever seen a night sky so clear you can practically reach out and touch the stars? Cape San Blas has just such a sky, plus lots of other incredible nature to see.

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The Everglades & Big Cypress National Preserve

You can’t hike the Everglades with a dog due to the gators and panthers. But that didn’t stop us from seeing what we could from the road, including hundreds of gators, birds, and turtles…but no panthers.

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Key West, FL

Have you ever seen a chicken in the wild? How about a six-toed cat? In Key West, we saw all of that, plus stood at the Southernmost Point of the Continental US and experienced one of the coolest places we’ve been.

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Miami, FL

A couple days in Miami to check out South Beach, celebrate Scott’s 32nd, and see a friend of Edie’s.

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Florida Highway A1A

Two days of driving down Florida Highway A1A, one of the most scenic drives in the nation.

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Crescent City & Ocala National Forest

Hiking, biking, orange groves, and huge metal animals in North Central Florida.

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Savannah, GA

Three days of sight-seeing in beautiful, historic Savannah, GA.

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Edisto Beach, SC

Two nights of camping on Edisto Island showed us the natural beauty of this Lowcountry island in South Carolina.

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Charleston & The Lowcountry Islands

We managed to fit in short explorations of Kiawah, Seabrook, & Hilton Head Islands, along with a night in Charleston, SC.

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WWOOFing in Macon

We spent two fun-filled weeks working on a small horse farm near Macon, GA. This is all about the experience and some photos of the area.

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Providence Canyon

Hiking in Providence Canyon outside Lumpkin, GA

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Pinhook Plantation House

Our trip to Pinhook Plantation House B&B in Calhoun, TN

11 Photos

Weekend In Tennessee

More of our trip to Pinhook Plantation House B&B in Calhoun, TN, including the surrounding area

61 Photos

New York, NY

The Big Apple, plus Upstate New York and Hoboken

43 Photos

San Diego, CA

Sunset Cliffs, Torrey Pines, the San Diego Zoo, and La Jolla Cove…everything there is to love about one of the most beautiful cities in the country

52 Photos

Las Vegas, NV

From The Strip to Fremont St, we’ve seen Las Vegas. And walked out with our money still in our pockets.

28 Photos

New Orleans, LA

Bourbon, Cajun food, and a Swamp Tour…good times in the Big Easy

22 Photos

San Francisco, CA

The Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, Coit Tower, Chinatown, and everywhere in between.

35 Photos

Boston, MA

Our trip to Boston back in Oct 2009, long before this life on the road was ever thought of.

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